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Characteristics of chain plate conveyor line


Conveyor line is a "big family". There are many different types, the chain plate conveyor line is one of them. Generally, the chain plate conveyor line can bear large load long distance transportation. The chain plate is in the form of straight chain plate curved chain plate. The width of the chain plate can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

The chain plate conveyor mainly uses a series of chain plates fixed on the traction chain to transport materials in the horizontal inclined direction. A steel plate is hinged into the annular belt as the traction load-bearing component of the belt. Put it in the tank the drive belt is used to transport the scraper through the gasket. It consists of driving mechanism, tensioning device, traction chain, slat, driving sprocket redirecting sprocket, frame, etc.

Characteristics of chain conveyor:

1. Wide range of application. In addition to materials with high viscosity, it can also transport general solid materials parts. Large transportation capacity, high strength of traction chain, can be used for long distance transportation. The layout of transportation pipeline is flexible. The inclination angle of the chain plate conveying line can reach 30-35 ° the bending radius is generally about 5-8m. In the conveying process, it can be treated by various processes such as classification, drying, cooling assembly. The operation is stable reliable.

2. Various structures, according to the drive mode can be divided into electromechanical drive hydraulic drive. According to the installation form of conveyor line, it can be divided into fixed type mobile type. According to the layout of the conveyor line, it can be divided into horizontal type, horizontal inclined type, inclined type, horizontal inclined type, horizontal inclined type, etc. The structure types of components can be divided into sleeve roller chain type, stamping chain type, casting chain type, ring chain type detachable chain type. According to the number of traction chain, it can be divided into single chain type double chain type. According to the different floor, the structure can be divided into scale type flat plate type. According to the operation characteristics of the conveyor line, it can be divided into continuous type pulse type.

Chain conveyor line is widely used in metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, electric power, machinery manufacturing other industrial sectors of the national economy, has been widely used.



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