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Causes of conveyor belt adhesion


In order to ensure the service life of the interface during the operation of the belt, the mouth can be raised according to the running direction of the belt.

Therefore, the chain conveyor is the key technology of bonding process, which must be operated by experienced personnel on-site command. After the grinding step of tearing the joint surface, perform the initial joint, correct the mismatched parts, then polish the joint surface. The purpose of polishing is to remove the rubber adhering to the cloth layer polish the cloth layer at the same time, so as to increase the roughness of the cloth layer, increase the bonding area improve the bonding strength. Practice has proved that under certain conditions, the bond strength will increase with the increase of roughness.

In addition, before bonding, keep the bonding surface clean to prevent contamination. The relationship between the thickness of the adhesive layer the shear strength. Because the thin coating is easy to produce flow creep, the possibility of bubbles defects is very small, the internal stress on the interface is also small. Therefore, it is beneficial to improve the adhesion of the interface. However, when the adhesive layer is too thin, it is easy to form insufficient glue, the coating is discontinuous, which will also reduce the bonding strength. Therefore, when applying the adhesive, the thickness of the coating should be as thin as possible without the lack of glue.

The combination time determines when the two parts of the interface overlap, which will directly affect the combination effect. According to the requirements, the adhesive can be ground adhered to the hands only after the adhesive is applied. Too early too late can also reduce the adhesion quality. When the lap operation is accurate the lap joint is lapped, the center lines of both ends of the belt must be in the same line, the steps should be well matched to avoid repeated peeling adhesion due to misalignment. After lapping the joint, use a hammer to start the centerline tap on both sides in turn. Try to clamp the joint surface with two flat steel plates, fix it with bolts, then loosen it after the adhesive is cured, so that the bonding effect is better.



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