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Characteristics of chain conveyor


1. Wide application. In addition to materials with high viscosity, it can also transport general solid materials finished products.

2. Large conveying capacity.

3. The traction chain has high strength can be used for long-distance transportation;

4. Flexible transmission line layout. Compared with the mesh belt conveyor, the chain plate conveyor can transport under the condition of larger inclination angle smaller bending radius, so the layout is more flexible. The inclined angle of chain conveyor can reach 30-35 ° the bending radius is about 5-8m;

5. During transportation, various processes can be carried out, such as sorting, drying, cooling assembling;

6. Stable reliable operation.


The structure of chain conveyor is various. Chain conveyors can usually be classified as follows:

1. According to the installation form of conveyor, it can be divided into fixed type mobile type;

2. According to the layout of the conveyor, it can be divided into horizontal type, horizontal inclined type, inclined type, horizontal inclined type, horizontal inclined type, etc.

3. According to the structure type of traction parts, it can be divided into sleeve roller chain type, stamping chain type, casting chain type, ring chain type detachable chain type.

4. According to the number of traction chain, it can be divided into single chain double chain.

5. According to the structure of the bottom plate, it can be divided into scale type (ribbed wave type, non ribbed wave type, ribbed deep type, etc.) flat type (ribbed plate type non ribbed plate type, etc.);

6. According to the operation characteristics of the conveyor, it can be divided into continuous type pulsating type.

7. According to the driving mode, it can be divided into electromechanical driving mode hydraulic driving mode.

Scope of application

It is suitable for auto assembly line of automobile, motorcycle, air conditioner, hardware tool, refrigerator washing machine.



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