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How to deal with wear resistance of spiral blade


Three methods are recommended

1: Kn17 polymer ceramic wear-resistant coating was applied,

The transportation of spiral blades is the power source to promote the development of materials, but they also suffer corrosion wear of materials. Recently, kn17 wear-resistant coating has been applied to the surface of spiral blades, successfully solving the problem of non wear resistance of spiral blades. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) As the outer surface of the spiral blade is rough, it is suitable to use angle grinder for grinding, so sand blasting is recommended

(2) After sandblasting the spiral blade, the surface roughness adhesion will be increased

(3) Kn17 wear resistant coating is a two-component AB coating. During the batching process, it must be mixed evenly to make it solidify. When preparing the coating, it should be prepared according to the amount used, because kn17 wear-resistant coating will cure rapidly must be used up within the specified time.

(4) Apply hard on the screw surface use paint to make it adhere to the metal surface

2: Jp8000 is sprayed with tungsten carbide coating,

Spraying WC process also needs sandblasting, then spraying with jp8000 equipment.

3: Surfacing treatment of kn60 wear resistant welding wire

When kn60 wear-resistant welding wire is used for surfacing, gas shielded welding machine should be used, the welding wire with diameter of 1.2 1.6 should be selected. The motor drives the jet blade to rotate at high speed. Driven by centrifugal force, the wire other abrasives are sprayed on the spiral blade. This will remove dirt oxides



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