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How to maintain the shaftless spiral blade


Due to the lack of intermediate shaft, all the stress points are on the blade, so the thickness of the blade has a very important impact on the actual use of the equipment. The choice of a suitable thickness of spiral blade directly affects the use effect of shaftless screw conveyor.

The wheelbase of shaftless helical blade is too small, the diameter of helical blade is improper. When conveying powder flaky materials, the blade wheelbase is often too small, resulting in excessive extrusion force, which directly damages the blade. With the rotation of the shaft, the thicker blade will also be partially damaged. Another reason is that the pipe diameter is small, which can also cause excessive pressure. The damage of the blade is serious. After taking the above two measures, the blade speed can be reduced at the same time. To achieve this effect.

Pay attention to clean the shaftless screw conveyor the surrounding environment every week, check the lubricating grease at the bearing every month, add it if it is insufficient, dredge the air vent of the motor reducer to ensure the smoothness, check the oil level of the reducer, add it if it is insufficient, check the running noise vibration condition of the motor reducer. The better maintenance of shaftless spiral blade is rust prevention. The cleaning of shaftless spiral blade is very important. The use of emulsion to clean its surface can remove dust, grease some organic matter. The second is pickling of shaftless spiral blade, which is carried out by electrolysis common chemical methods. Although chemical cleaning can achieve the surface finish, the surface of shaftless spiral blade is easy to clean, However, the shallow anchor line is easy to cause pollution. Another method is spray derusting. The derusting method is based on the high-power motor driving the jet blade to rotate at high speed. The abrasive such as iron wire segment is sprayed on the spiral blade under the centrifugal force. In this way, the dirt oxygenates can be removed.



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