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Common wear reasons operation precautions of spiral blade


The damage of spiral blade is divided into many links, first is the running in period of new machinery equipment, then is the interval in the middle of spiral blade. If it is too large, it will expand the friction cause damage, then it will improve the friction even if the actual effect of moistening is ideal. In the actual operation of spiral blade, it is necessary to make full preparations, it is proposed to install a protective cover to avoid damage If there is an accident, if there is a problem, you can't repair it by yourself.

1、 The reason for the general damage of spiral blades

1. In the running in period of spiral blade work, because the commodity is relatively smooth, it will cause a lot of sliding friction. The sliding friction of this link is very large for the damage of spiral blade. Customers should pay attention to this, especially in the market.

2. When the surface of the commodity is slightly more more smooth, the gap in the middle of the spiral blade should be moderately raised. Naturally, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate standard if the customer will screw the blade gap. If the adjustment is too large, it will expand the spiral blade, the friction between the blade the commodity will promote the damage of the equipment. Even, because of the large sliding friction of the spiral blade, there will be common failures of machinery equipment.

3. It's a bad thing to maintain the corresponding leaf gap. Goods after early friction has become more more smooth, if all the equipment to maintain a stable run of the actual effect. In addition, the damage is also reduced, which can greatly reduce the damage of the equipment.

2、 Common problems in practical operation of spiral blade

1. Preparation

1) Spiral blade in the whole process of work, its blade is rotating. Therefore, in the whole process of application, special attention should be paid to the installation of a protective cover in the outfield of the spiral sheet, so as to prevent some production accidents.

2) Before the application of spiral blade, the applied switching power supply should be inquired, the applied working voltage should be adjusted to the appropriate range. In order to carry out the normal connection of switching power supply work. Do a good job in the installation of spiral blade equipment. Switch power supply should be connected during installation to avoid risk.

3) When connecting the switching power supply, pay attention to the work of grounding device. During the normal production manufacture of spiral blade. Operators must do touch the actual operation of the equipment must be shut down first, especially in the spiral blade of each connection area, especially in to pay attention to. Even if some of the connection locations seem harmless, there is actually a very big risk.

4) Do a good job in the maintenance of spiral blade. For the problems of spiral blade, we need to seek the assistance of technical professionals. Don't blindly follow the trend. Especially when the power supply circuit of the spiral blade is difficult, customers should be more cautious.

2. Practical operation

1) The Raschen spacing is usually more than 3 times of the leaf thickness, but less than one lead, about 10-20 mm up down. It is convenient to weld the leaves into a string. The newly formed leaves are connected by spiral rotation to the head tail by staggered electric welding, the two sides of the leaf joint are fully welded.

2) In actual operation, pay attention to that the inner edge line of a leaf should be close to the outer circle of the screw shaft. It is because the inner thread of the leaf the outer circle of the screw shaft determine the pitch of the leaf. When the pitch is within the limit of the engineering drawing, the leaf the screw shaft should be welded fixed.

3) Attention should be paid to the spiral blade: when the total lead of the spiral blade exceeds 500mm, 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the total lead length limit should be taken. If , the end lead will usually exceed the overall planning lead.



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