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What are the advantages disadvantages of stainless steel spiral blade?


At this stage, many transport machinery equipment choose spiral blade, in the whole process of transport work to complete the mixing of raw materials. We can start the characteristics application of machinery equipment.

1、 Features:

1. Have manufacturing efficiency, save raw materials, etc. Continuous cold rolling spiral blade has the advantages of smooth surface, high strength, damage resistance, one-time forming, continuous no weld so on.

2. The rotary spiral blade is made of high-quality imported high-strength wear-resistant steel plate. The pitch deviation is less than 5mm the leaf surface is smooth after molding, which ensures the symmetry reliability of raw material transportation. The cold work hard bottom layer is used to solve the problem. The strength wear resistance are better than average The leaves are doubled up down, the high-precision manufacturing of leaves ensures that the tube body is filled when the raw materials are transported. The quality of the machine equipment can be distinguished the flat condition of the white canvas cover at the feeding port.

3. The inner shaft is equipped with a rolling bearing in the corresponding interval, which is suitable for the rotation of the inner shaft. Steel casting aluminum casting raw materials are mostly used for the bearing in the middle sling seat, the single hanging wall rubber bearing body makes the leaf final break interval at the connection of the front rear left right sections smaller, the over-current cross-section profit of raw materials is smooth. The key is to transport the powder, such as concrete, coal ash, slag powder, etc Granular other fibrous raw materials

The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

The defect of the stainless steel spiral blade is that the deflection of the middle position is very large, which leads to very large bending of the middle position. The outer circle of the stainless steel spiral blade the inner thread of the housing are easy to cause mutual impact, strong noise is emitted. The serious situation can cause the motor to stop, even cause the damage of the motor electromagnetic coil.

Based on many years of working experience, the screw blade manufacturers can adopt the following countermeasures to solve the above situation. Generally, the gap between the outer circle of the screw blade the inner thread of the cover shell is 10 mm, the overall design of axial force is selected. The rotating separation line of the screw shaft of the screw conveyor the rotating axial force of the cover shell are 8 mm, which properly solves the problems of impact noise caused by the bending of the screw shaft To shift the spiral shaft rotation separation line of the screw conveyor by 8 mm. Although the tensile strain at the middle position of the spiral shaft is very large, the tensile strain at other places is large, which increases the gap between the middle position the lower part of the casing, the spiral shaft bends downward. Because of the increase of the gap, the chance of collision between the outer circle of the spiral blade the inner thread of the casing is reduced, the problem of noise caused by bending is solved.



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