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Manufacturing method of screw blade of screw conveyor


Spiral blade is a kind of machinery equipment for transportation of compressible raw materials with high viscosity. People who know about spiral conveyor are likely to know that there are three ways of spiral blade: solid line spiral surface, continuous spiral surface blade spiral surface. We should be clear about the manufacturing method of spiral blade. Next, let's have a look

The cold rolling mill is the technical equipment for continuous cold rolling of blades with hot rolled strip. According to the adjustment position (deviation of hot rolled strip, feed height width ratio, rolling working pressure, guide wheel, etc.), it can produce spiral blades of different models specifications according to the requirements of different customers in different fields.

Nowadays, the manufacturing methods of spiral blade in China include: welding, extrusion, coiling, cold rolling, etc.

The advantages of cold rolling forming are particularly significant, such as high efficiency saving raw materials. The design manufacturing of spiral blade need to carry out step-by-step processing technology, which requires the spiral blade manufacturer to have sufficient overall manufacturing strength, experienced professional technical personnel, superb technology. Only in this way can the spiral blade commodity be fully used in the middle later application.

Which machinery equipment are likely to be slow after long-term application, which requires us to pay more attention in the case of application, do a good job in the maintenance work on time. Let's simply grasp how to solve the lubrication problem of screw conveyor after long-term application?

1. First of all, we need to check the temperature change of the screw lubrication position, the normal shafting temperature should be maintained within the required range.

2. When the ball screw nut of the transmission system are charged lubricated with oil on time, the uncommon ball screw nut of the transmission system are sealed with skeleton.

3. Store the common special tools of machinery equipment, clean them on time, check them frequently, maintain detailed cleaning.

4. At the lubrication point of automatic oil dripping, the steam pressure, oil quantity, temperature oil pipeline quantity of gasoline pump should be checked frequently, the problems found should be handled properly.

5. The actual operation staff of lubrication should inspect the lubrication points on time, pay attention to whether there is oil leakage abnormal changes, deal with the problems immediately.

The above processes are the solutions to the sluggish situation encountered in the whole process of applying the screw conveyor. In the middle later stages, if you encounter any problems in the whole process of application, Changxing valiant environmental protection machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. can care about you again.



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