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Shear mode of helical blade


In some large-scale areas, the application of screw conveyor is more common. The key is that its performance index can transport different raw materials in a short time, saving time for everyone's work. The screw blade is mainly the spare parts of belt conveyor. Their integrated application shows a very good job for all machinery equipment Environment, many people don't have a good grasp of the cutting mode of machinery equipment. In order to maintain the long-term stable operation of machinery equipment, we still need to master it.

1. The plate is sheared by the left right scissors of the hydraulic shearing machine, resulting in separation deformation. When the spiral blade is sheared, the lower scissors can be fixed, but the upper scissors move downward. At the beginning of shearing, the cutter head of the upper scissors is pressed into the plate, causing a pair of shearing force relative torque, which drives the plate to rotate after shearing.

2. In the whole process of rotation, it is blocked by one side of the scissors, creates a pair of side torsion relative torque on the other side of the scissors, whose orientation blocks the rotation of the copper sheet. When the spiral blade begins to shear, the angle of view of the plate increases with the increase of the pressing depth, the torque also increases. At this time, the cut metal piece stops rotating until it is cut under Tian Li's effect.

Because the key raw material for making spiral blade is stainless steel plate other metal composite materials, the strength is relatively high, it is suitable to use the general shearing method, special numerical control blade is needed to shear. Therefore, in view of the spiral blade cutting work, we all understand, if there is any professional knowledge that needs to be mastered in the middle later period, we can care about your website publishing again.



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