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The distance of spiral blade in machining must be controlled properly


The appearance is bright clean. The appearance of spiral blade is bright neat. It is worth mentioning that it also highlights the output sum difference of high precision, small resistor material, which promotes its application.

Secondly, it has high hardness good wear resistance. Because in the whole process of spiral blade processing, cold forming is carried out according to the processing rate after cold rolling, which fully improves the hardness of the cutter head has good wear resistance. There is no doubt that along with its poor external hardness, it will be worn out in the application improve the service life

Third, the spiral blade is formed at one time without welding characteristics. This feature has a prominent advantage in the installation. When the spiral blade is easy to install, it is easy to improve the production line in the production of special tools.

The spiral blade is the component of the spiral output machine to output raw materials, the key of which is the back knife. Therefore, the spiral blade spacing difference will harm the practical effect of application, the spiral blade spacing regulations built at this stage are weak very few control.

Spiral blade processing spacing provisions processing, if very poor, steel lap welding acquisition, harm the quality of spiral blade. If the original purpose is to avoid the growth development, the upsetting distance of spiral blade after processing still depends on the thickness of nylon belt.

In the general spiral blade processing, the thinner the hot-rolled strip thickness is, the smaller the screw pitch is, the higher the processing technology standard is. The gap difference steel bar lap welding purchase, first because the pitch difference will make the upsetting working pressure is very poor, then make the joint metal material will be overall extrusion forming, this kind of processing welding spiral blade compressive strength will also be reduced.

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