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Introduction of manufacturing process of spiral blade


Spiral blade in the belt conveyor is a very important spare parts, it can be said that spiral conveyor without it is normal operation, with the technical improvement The viscosity of the spiral blade in the transportation of raw materials also has a relative improvement. In the case of designing spiral blade, the manufacturer has designed various types according to different application regulations. Next, we will master the manufacturing steps of spiral blade.

1. First, prepare a long strip of thick metal plate for reservation.

2. The next step is to carry out laser cutting forming along one side of the thick metal plate that you have just prepared in advance according to the spiral winding direction.

3. Later, according to the leaf lashing forming machine, the die blank structure was just started lashing work according to the previously selected pitch.

The main feature of the screw conveyor is that its design scheme is very simple, its sealing property is also very convenient in the whole process of transportation of raw materials. Compared with other conveying machinery equipment, screw conveyor has small cross-section stable reliable operation, especially in case of problems in the whole process of work, it can carry out maintenance immediately, the actual operation is also very simple

The application of spiral blade is still more common. If you want to ensure that the conveying machinery equipment in the whole process of transporting raw materials in detail, it is very important for spiral blade spiral conveyor to cooperate with each other. If you have any problems in the whole process of applying spiral blade, I hope Changxing Hummer environmental protection machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. can help you.



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