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Introduction of rotating speed of shaftless spiral blade in shaftless spiral conveying


Introduction of rotation speed of shaftless screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is a common industrial equipment in agriculture. The shaftless screw blade can be divided into two types the conveying mode. One is shaftless screw conveyor, the other is shaftless screw conveyor. Let's master the suitable rotation speed of shaftless screw conveyor.

In the case of manufacturing spiral auger blades, manufacturers use metal materials to carry out manufacturing, so the compressive strength bending stiffness are more suitable, the surface is relatively smooth smooth, also has a very good rotation speed, which reasonably ensures that there is no residue blocking in the whole process of transportation.

Screw conveyor

In the case of shaftless screw conveyor designed by the manufacturer, there are no high-speed running parts for its design scheme, so The abrasion of the screw conveyor is relatively low, the conveying equipment is easy to cause very large noise. In addition, the installation of the shaftless screw conveyor is relatively convenient. It can run intermittently continuously for 24 hours. The shaftless screw conveyor has the function of overvoltage protection in the power distribution design, which can consider the shaftless screw conveyor for 24 hours on a very large level The system runs smoothly.

Therefore, in the whole process of the application of shaftless screw conveyor, it is very important to ensure the temperature operation of machinery equipment, the appropriate rotation speed. If we encounter any problems in the application of shaftless screw conveyor, we can consult you.



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