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What are the design principles of spiral blade


Spiral blade is mainly used to transport raw materials. It is a kind of industrial equipment with high compressive strength. The manufacturer is strict with spiral blade in design production. Naturally, this is also to ensure that the spiral blade produced can consider the different requirements of customers in the middle later period. Next, let's learn about the design standard of spiral blade in the production of machinery equipment?

Spiral blade manufacturers introduce in detail. the technical perspective of design production, spiral blade should be designed according to the uniform circular motion. The force arm of each motor rotor of the spiral blade has corresponding regulations in the case of setting specifications. Setting appropriate specifications is the condition to ensure the smooth operation of the spiral blade in the whole process of application.

In the design of the spiral blade, the inner edge of the spiral blade should be reduced as far as possible to exceed the straight line. Naturally, the outer edge of the spiral blade should be less than the main keel line, the edge should exceed the center line of the groove pool. The design of such parts can ensure the smooth reasonable work of the spiral blade.

the perspective of application, manufacturers should fully consider the convenience of disassembly assembly when designing spiral blades. Because it is also related to the problem of maintenance time, the key is that it will be much more convenient when transporting spiral blades. The above detailed introduction is some specifications of spiral blade manufacturers in production design. If you encounter some problems in the application of spiral blade, you can consult Changxing Hummer environmental protection machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. spiral blade manufacturers will have professional technical personnel to solve your problems.



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